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About Framed Visions LLC


A few years ago I was working in an industry that had me seriously burnt out. I longed for something that fueled my creative fire and I knew I had to achieve a more aligned vision for my life.


My journey of reinvention involved enrolling in and graduating from an Interior Design program which later gave me the credibility to join my mother's company, Spruce It Up, LLC.


Between completely immersing myself in Interior Design, being in lockdown [yikes, 2020], and embracing my overwhelming desire to create, I started bringing new life to home decor that I found around my house and in thrift-stores.


What really stuck for me out of months of repurposing home decor was creating custom painted frames for artwork.  


Being the child of an Interior Design guru, custom framed artwork has always captured my eye. I've learned that the way we frame art can accentuate artwork's subjective beauty and it completes the story of our interior walls.

Framed Visions LLC brings together a vision of art-forward design and repurposed materials to create frames that are just as important as the art it showcases. 

All frames are purchased second-hand or donated to me before I bring new life to them through thoughtful paint schemes. This allows you to own a frame that is unique and truly one of a kind.


I hope you find something here that sparks your own desire to frame your art through Framed Visions LLC. Thank you for supporting my work.

xoxo Ali Adsit


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